Writing Books that I’ve written and/or illustrated.

Mistletoe’s Night now for the Kindle

Writing | October 26th, 2010

Mistletoe’s Night is now available on the Amazon Kindle. I don’t own a Kindle so I’m uncertain as to how well it renders the pages or how well the illustrations show up in black and white. From what little I’ve seen from the ‘preview’ it should be okay. The text does run beyond a single… Continue Reading »

Mistletoe now on iBookstore

Writing | August 19th, 2010

You can now purchase a digital copy of Mistletoe’s Night through the Apple iBookstore app for the iPad and iPhone. Hopefully I can get it on the other ebook devices (like the Kindle) as well. To find it, simply type ‘mistletoe’ in the search box in the iBooks app. You can also buy it as… Continue Reading »

Finished illustrating another textbook

Writing | June 1st, 2010

I just finished the last of the illustrations for the thermodynamics textbook I’ve been working on. Hopefully everything comes through okay, and my part is finished. I can finally focus more time on my own book and other things. I’ve also been looking at getting an iPad to use as an inexpensive drawing tablet. I… Continue Reading »

Illustrating another textbook

Writing | March 31st, 2010

Spring is finally here! I hope to pick up a new camera soon, and get back to photography. Over the last month, I’ve been compiling the hundreds of illustrations for the second edition of the thermodynamics textbook my dad wrote in the late 80’s. It’s been a pretty grueling process going through each drawing. Also,… Continue Reading »

Spring update

Writing | May 26th, 2009

By in large I have nothing really new to report in my life. I’ve regularly been uploading photos from my various activities to my Picasa Web Album and some videos of my niece to Vimeo as well. As for Mistletoe’s Night, it’s now available in its entirety for free as an ebook on Scribd and… Continue Reading »

First royalty check

Writing | February 22nd, 2009

I finally received my first royalty check from Lulu. It’s not a lot of money, especially considering more than half of it was from direct family members (Mom). But, it certainly helps when you don’t have much to begin with. It will probably cover half my license plate renewal that’s due next month. Also I… Continue Reading »