MarchTwenty represents my online portfolio and history of graphic design, programming, web development, animation, photography, and writing. I am a well versed in a wide range of programming languages, design applications, and techniques to better the world. Behold…

What I write

Mistletoe's Night book cover
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Mistletoe’s Night

Mistletoe’s Night is a Christmas themed children’s book that I wrote and illustrated. It was first published in 2008, and is widely available on a number of digital publishing platforms. The illustrations for this book were modeled in 3D with Blender.

I was inspired to write Mistletoe’s Night after I had finished my 3D animated short movie The Mischievous Bears back in 2003. I wanted to tell a larger story, but I chose to make that story into a book instead of an animated movie, because of logistics and work that would be required to animate it.

See also: Mistletoe’s Night Facebook page

Sherbert's Day book cover

Sherbert’s Day

Sherbert’s Day is to be my second illustrated children’s book. For this book, the illustrations are hand drawing entirely with the painting app Procreate. This book will have more illustrations than Mistletoe’s Night and it will also be a little more colorful as well.

Release of this book is TBD, hopefully by 2020. 🤔

Textbook Illustrating

Besides illustrating my own children’s books, I also designed and created hundreds of illustrations for two award winning college level engineering textbooks, as well as their followup editions, of which have sold over 60,000 copies.

Sample Illustrations

Mistletoes's Night page 3 illustration
Mistletoes’s Night
Page 1
Mistletoes's Night page 3 illustration
Mistletoes’s Night
Page 3
Sherbert's Day Draft #1
Sherbert’s Day
Draft #1
Sherbert's Day Draft #2
Sherbert’s Day
Draft #2
Exploring Engineering Illustration #1
Exploring Engineering
Illustration #1
Exporing Engineering Illustration #2
Exporing Engineering

Designing for the internets

Making the web better one site at a time

I began designing websites in the late 90s, and since I’ve made considerable effort to keep up with the current design trends.

I created my own content management system from scratch, a one-of-a-kind web application for generating record sheets for the popular board game BattleTech, and a number of websites for various organizations, individuals, and businesses.

Check out my contributions on GitHub CodePen

Websites I designed & developed

REMLAB Web Mech Designer 5.0 website:
REMLAB (2020)
Aegir Brewing Systems website
Aegir Brewing (2016)
PHP/MySQL web development 2017 final project
Final Project (2017)
Balmer's Brake Service school project
Balmer’s Brake (2017)
MWES Engineered Systems website
MWES (2011)
REMLAB Web Mech Designer 3.0 website
REMLAB (2010)
UMC WFB website
UMC WFB (2007)
My personal content management system
m20 CMS (2006)
Think Global Technologies website
Think GTI (2005)
Angelus Retirement Communities website
Angelus (2005)
Gregory Vajda personal website
Gregory Vajda (2005)
MASCA website
MASCA (2004)
Union College Engineering website
Union College (2002)

Creating worlds

Everything from 🖌 to 3D

Mad Cat Firing

Lighthouses at the Edge of the Universe

Since as far back as I can remember, I had some interest in art and drawing. Towards the middle of the 90s, I became fascinated with computer 3D modeling and since that time I created nearly a hundred 3D rendered scenes of varying subjects. This culminated in the creation of the illustrations for Mistletoe’s Night using Blender.

See also: My 3D renderings gallery

Houses in Summer
Azure Dawn standing in front of a sunrise

More recently I have had a renewed interest in tradition 2D painted art, that was brought on by my first iPad, and the drawing and painting potential that it provided. This, has in turn, caused me to focus more of my efforts on painted artwork for all of my upcoming books and drawings for the foreseeable future.

See also: My digital art gallery DeviantArt gallery

Moving pictures

Making pictures move for over a decade 🎥

Watch The Mischievous Bears

I began working with 3D animation during the late nineties, utilizing 3ds Max and then later Blender. My earliest movies were pretty crude, however I was persistent and successfully brought to completion a short animated movie called The Mischievous Bears in 2003.

Over the course of the early 2000s, I made a couple of 3D walk-throughs, and a few short character animation demos. In 2018, I completely re-rendered The Mischievous Bears in full HD, which was something that I had long desired to do.

See also: YouTube channel Vimeo channel

Capturing the world

Pictures from around the 🌎

Picture of a sunset
Picture of a Daisy

Picture of the mountains in Interlaken

I have taken photos from the fields Wisconsin to the castles of Germany, and quite a few places in between. My desire to travel the world has hinged on my desire to capture my experiences with my camera. 📸

I have photo galleries on Google Photos iCloud Photostream Unsplash Gallery

All this by one guy?

Well, yeah, I guess

I have vast sums of knowledge of all things digital, and I am looking for full time work in web design and programming: