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The Mischievous Bears Re-rendering

The Mischievous Bears Box Art
The Mischievous Bears Box Art

I just completed the High-Definition re-rendering of The Mischievous Bears short animated movie. The process went smoother than I expected it to, considering the assets I was using were 15 years old, and plus, I haven’t really worked with 3ds Max in 10 years or so. It goes to show how little 3ds Max has changed after all of these years.

This is a list of changes made to the original 2003 movie:

  • Rendered in full 16:9 1080p.
  • The bear’s fur is now modeled with 3ds Max’s built in hair and fur plugin.
  • Changes to a few background objects.
  • Improvements to some of the camera motion.
  • Adjustments to some of character animation.
  • Sound effects are slightly altered and new ones included.
  • Inclusion of music, created with GarageBand.
  • Inclusion of the animated M20 logo at the beginning of the movie.
  • Altered camera movement in the opening shot.

Watch it on YouTube or Watch it on Vimeo