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Ted’s RPGs of Choice from 2001

I’ve only been playing pen & paper games for around 10 years now.  D&D was the first one that I was exposed to… actually it might have been Monopoly now that I think of it… or Clue even.


I probably have more money invested into this game than any other.  It really is an amazing game with the level of detail and the different layers of battle that can exist in a single game.  One problem with this game is that it is very time and space consuming (depending on how you play this game), so it’s not easy to just sit down and play a round or two.  Well, at least until Wizkids releases the dumbed down version, and battles take all but five minutes to complete.  


This is a game that my friends and I used to play a lot, and we had a lot of fun with it, too.  There’s a lot of room for creativity in this game and a lot of room to expand, plus it’s based around a fairly simple game world; not overly complicated.  This game would actually make a really cool primetime television show done entirely in CGI, or even a computer game.  Big Guns. Bright Lights.  

Dungeons & Dragons

This game is the classic of all role-playing games.  It’s really simple to play and most of the rules in the game are made up by the DM.  So it’s not the same every time you play it.  I really want to DM this game one of these days… I have all the third edition books.  I just need to break down and do it.  Though, I may end up doing it through the computer game Neverwinter Nights instead.  As long as its something.


I only played this game a couple of times, and it’s one wild game.  It’s an extremely complicated game to play (there are a lot of rules and numbers to go with them.)  But compared to any other game, this one is by far the wildest.  Maybe I should check out the books for this game sometime.

Hero Quest

This game is basically the beginners version of Dungeons & Dragons.  I only played this game a handful of times, but it was well worth it.  My friends and I would cannibalize this game for it’s pieces and use them in our D&D games.