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The Joys of Online Gaming

The first of my many rants is now online.  This one is about Online Gaming.  My future rants will include the “new” Battletech, computer game development, the 9/11 attacks (maybe), software piracy, Sci-Fi TV shows, and the quality of computer porn (well, maybe not that last one.) Playing games over the Internet is a fairly…
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Neverwinter Nights Mod

I wrote a story that I want to make into a Neverwinter Nights mod, la-de-da.  It’s part of my new strategy, as to landing a decent job… maybe.  Unfortunately, this game won’t be out until spring (*praying*), so I have no idea if it’s even possible for me to create this mod.  We’ll see…

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My Next Animation

Well, it seems everything is slowly getting back to normal here in the U.S. (no more round-the-clock news coverage.)  Anyway, due to recent events, I don’t believe I will be able to make the movie that I mentioned below.  Primarily, because it involves a city and two airplanes (a very, very bad combination at the…
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Black Tuesday indeed.  I hope they get the guy that masterminded it, and he knows who he is!  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you need to stop hanging around “Ted’s Pitiful Homepage” and check out MSNBC or CNN or just turn on the television.