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This Web Site #1

As it stands my site is pretty much complete. Well, until this time next year when I decide to start all over again. In the end, this site turned out the way I had originally envisioned. I pride myself in knowing that I went out of my way to make this site (and other sites I design) as w3c compliant as humanly possible, but even with that this site still has a few quirks that are visible in some browsers. As far as browser compatibility goes, this site looks perfect in Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, and Netscape 7. However, Opera seems to have a few issues with rendering the page header (I’m not sure why). And, I’m still uncertain about Safari and Konqueror, since I don’t have access to a Mac or a Linux box, or know anyone that uses either. Netscape 4 or earlier should render this site without the style sheet, and just as a plain page, but still usable. Maybe in the future, I’ll try and create browser specific style sheets to help alleviate some of the compatibility and rendering issues between all these browsers.

As content goes, I believe I have everything on this site that I intended to. I have a few other projects, which include animations and PHP programming tests, that I’m currently working on, and hope to get those on the site eventually. I’ve also been dabbling with a forum, but since I really don’t know what to do with one, it will probably remain in limbo for quite some time.

I would also like to add some basic seasonal flare to this site as well, which may happen sooner than later. Right now, I have Halloween, Christmas, and St. Patrick’s Day on my short list of holidays that I need to make or acquire the graphics for.

And finally, I want to create some alternate backgrounds for the header; something other than the leaves that are there now. Since only two images make up the leaf background, I may decide to create a random background generator that would cycle through a half-dozen or so backgrounds.

Update: All right, now I think I’ve got everything set. I just redid the ‘Contact Me’ form, and I am actively making changes to some of the PHP coding throughout the site as well as rewrite/revise some of the text.