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I just finished watching the Robotech series on Hulu. It was the first time that I had seen the show in it’s entirety in over 20 years. My cousin got me into this show when we were kids and I even had all the toys for it at the time. But, seeing Robotech now, like many of my childhood shows, has not aged particularly well. I mean the scope of the war is really well done for a kids show, even as far as showing death on both sides, including casually killing off main characters, something shows like G.I. Joe went to ridiculous extents to avoid. I also thought the continuity from one episode to the next and continuing a major plot thread through 30 some episodes was surprisingly well done. However, the love triangle between Rick, Lisa, and Minmay that’s dragged out through almost the entire run of the show is about as asinine as they come. Writing a love story on the backdrop of a intergalactic war needs to be treated more delicately than the way it was handled for this show. In the end, I think the overall storyline is good enough to be made into a modernized live action movie/TV series reboot someday.