Designing for the internets

Making the web better one site at a time

I began designing websites in the late 90s, and since I’ve made considerable effort to keep up with the current design trends.

I created my own content management system from scratch, a one-of-a-kind web application for generating record sheets for the popular board game BattleTech, and a number of websites for various organizations, individuals, and businesses.

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Websites I designed & developed

REMLAB Web Mech Designer 5.0 website:
REMLAB (2020)
Aegir Brewing Systems website
Aegir Brewing (2016)
PHP/MySQL web development 2017 final project
Final Project (2017)
Balmer's Brake Service school project
Balmer’s Brake (2017)
MWES Engineered Systems website
MWES (2011)
REMLAB Web Mech Designer 3.0 website
REMLAB (2010)
UMC WFB website
UMC WFB (2007)
My personal content management system
m20 CMS (2006)
Think Global Technologies website
Think GTI (2005)
Angelus Retirement Communities website
Angelus (2005)
Gregory Vajda personal website
Gregory Vajda (2005)
MASCA website
MASCA (2004)
Union College Engineering website
Union College (2002)