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D&D floor plan for an Inn and Dungeon

This is an attempt I made at a floor plan for a tabletop run of D&D. It only consists of two floors of an inn and a relatively linear dungeon. I was inspired to make this while playing Baldur’s Gate. This was made this in Photoshop, and I have never used this in any practical manor.

The Severed Hand Inn

The Inn's first floor plan.
The Inn’s First Floor
The Inn's second floor plan.
The Inn’s Second Floor

Map Dimensions: 16×12, 5 foot squares

  1. Bar & Bartender
  2. Kitchen & Cooks
  3. Storage room and staircase to cellar
  4. High-Class dining area
  5. Main dining floor
  6. Staircase to upper level
  7. State rooms w/ bathrooms
  8. Middle-Class rooms
  9. Low-Class rooms
  10. Lobby and staircase down

The Kocak Dungeon

The dungeon's layout.
Kocak Dungeon Map

Map Dimensions: 100×80, 5 foot squares

  1. Main prison block
  2. Storage room & player’s gear
  3. Dead end, incomplete portion of the prison
  4. Orc guard post
  5. Kitchen
  6. Guards dining hall
  7. The Dragon’s cave
  8. Barracks
  9. Orc Guard post
  10. Dungeon entrance