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Fun with Illustrator

While I was digging through some old magazines, I found a really neat paper cut-out and glue together 3D castle. I immediately thought, “Hey, I could make a cut-out of the Nott Memorial.” So, after just a couple of hours in Adobe Illustrator, I came up with a mostly functional cut-out of the Nott Memorial.

I would like to use this technique with some other buildings that I know of, but also I would like to design some fictional buildings for use with Battletech. They may not be as realistic or durable as a plastic, plaster, or pewter building, but they would certainly be a lot cheaper to produce than any mold.

Note: If you want to try this out, its recommended that you print it onto thicker than usual paper, like cardstock for example, because it will be a lot easier to work with and it will be more stable. Also, take note that this is not 100% complete and it does have a few design flaws in it, that I am in the process of weeding out.

Behold, my latest creation: The Nott Memorial Cut-Out! (Adobe PDF File) I created this in Adobe Illustrator, as something that can be printed, cut out, and glued together to form a cheap 3D Nott Memorial.

Updated March 29, 2005: Here is a picture of the 8″ inch tall 3D printout of the Nott Memorial that I designed. The model that was used in the printout was the same model that was used in the Nott Memorial animation that I developed (with some modifications). Currently, copies of this model can be seen throughout the Union College campus, including the library and the Nott Memorial archive where a number of artistic portraits made over the years of the Nott are stored.z