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Gen Con, how I miss thee

I went to Gen Con every year through the 90’s up until it was moved out of Milwaukee. I miss it even though I admittedly never took part in the actual gaming that went on there. I did, however, enjoy exploring the exhibit hall and gazing at all the hard-to-find stuff that you couldn’t get anywhere else. I especially liked witnessing some of the upcoming computer games, with some becoming vaporware never to be anything more than a presentation reel. Oh, and the free stuff! I still have a bunch of old FASA posters and trinkets from Gen Con’s of yore.

That was before the Internet came around. Now with video games being announced a year or two in advance accompanied by a website with screen shots and video; seeing these same things live just doesn’t do anything for me anymore. And with the plethora of online stores and eBay, hard-to-find stuff is somewhat less difficult.

If Gen Con can stays afloat, it will be because of the people who go to game with other like minded individuals.

To me, it was a great way to kill a Saturday afternoon. 😐