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Swords of wood

Picture of three wood swords I made
My Wood Swords ⚔

A couple of weeks ago I decided to make some swords out of some scrap wood that I had laying around at my parents house. I’ve always enjoued creating things and since most of my creations are not in a tactile form, I thought it would be nice to make something I could touch, that and my Dad has a workshop with every kind of power tool you can imagine… that would impress even Norm.

So far I’ve only made three. I kept the designs rather simple for my first attempts: a square blade and rounded edges. The trickiest part has been cutting the rectagular hole in the hilt cross guard so that it isn’t too big, but just tight enough. With staining, I went with a two-tone stain as opposed to paint. I thought there was no sense in disguising these blades as something they are not.

With my next attempts, I intend on giving the blades more of an edge, a flat diamond shape, to make them more realistic and a little less blocky.