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About Mistletoe’s Night

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Mistletoe’s Night is a story about a teddy bear whose sole purpose in life is to be a Christmas decoration… until one December day he is thrown out with the trash and has to find a new home.

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A number of years ago I created a short 3D animated movie titled Mischievous Bears that starred two bears similar to Mistletoe. Shortly thereafter, I came up with another story with this character, but was uncertain as to how I was going to present it. I really wanted to make another more elaborate movie, but to tell the story I wanted to tell, it would have required an incredible amount of time and resources on my part.

Ultimately, I settled on telling the story in print form for one of two reasons: One, it would be much easier for me to create the visual material required for it, and two, it was a new medium for me to try out.


Mistletoe’s Night was created using open-source software almost exclusively. All of the applications that were used to create this book can be freely downloaded by anyone (see below).

The illustrations were originally created using a 3D modeling application called Blender. Once they were final, the resulting 2D rendering was touched-up with the Gimp to adjust for lighting, color, shadows, etc. Once the individual illustrations were completed, they were laid out page-by-page in Scribus with the final draft of text.

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Ted Balmer is a web developer, graphic designer, animator, and a published illustrator. He spent years refining his skills in various visual arts ranging from designing websites to 3D animation. Recently, he designed the illustrations for a college level engineering textbook, which is used across the country.

He currently resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.