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Personalized calendars

Picture of Mistletoe's calendar
Mistletoe’s Calendar

I really like having a personalized wall calendar. Normally, I have been using the freebe calendars provided by a realtor, which isn’t all bad, because they’re peppered with virtually all the  local events. But, I personally prefer to display my own artwork on my walls, even if it’s not the best.

A couple of years ago, I made a calendar based on my illustrations from Mistletoe’s Night. I used iPhoto on my Mom’s Mac to assemble the calendar and add holidays and personalized dates on it. I was really happy with the final product, even though it was a tad pricey.

Last month, I made another calendar, based on some of my photos, using the same tools I had used the last time with the same results. I really wanted to try a different service like Snapfish (to get away from Apple), but I really didn’t like the general look of their formating. It was a little hard to tell from their illustrations what the final product will look like, but I wasn’t terribly keen on their options.